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Lifeboat Maintenance Weekly and Monthly Onboard Ship

Weekly Maintenance for Lifeboat

lifeboat maintenance weekly and monthly onboard ship

There are 5 points needs to be checked during weekly lifeboat maintenance carry out onboard:

1. Boat Condition & attachments, by following:

  • General condition inside & outside
  • Ready for immediate launching
  • All hatches must close & open freely
  • Drain plugs/valve
  • Rudder and Tiller
  • Hand-hold/buoyant lifeline outside of hull
  • Hand-hold on underside of hull
  • Watertight locker or compartments
  • Painter and painter securing device
  • Arrangement for setting/securing antenna
  • Skates and fender fitted with lifeboat
  • Canopy light  & illumination light

2. Lifeboat Engines, by following:

  • Check oil level of engine & gear box
  • Check cooling water level
  • Check condition of gear box & train
  • Test run for total more than 3 minutes
  • Refill fuel tank after test run

3. Releasing Gear and Hook, by following

  • Check condition of releasing hook
  • Check On-load release gear is properly & completely reset

4. Launching Appliances, by following:

  • Check condition of davit structures for deformations, corrosions & damages
  • Check wires, sheaves & moving parts
  • Check functioning of limit switches
  • Check stored power systems
  • Check hydraulic systems
  • Check condition of davit winches
  • Boats to be moved from stowed position

5. Embarkation Ladders, by folowing:

  • Check conditions of ropes & steps
  • Check condition of securing shackles, pad eyes & thimbles
  • Check condition of lashing & cover
  • Test illumination with emergency lights

Monthly Maintenance for lifeboat

Below are items must be checked during monthly maintenance carry out of lifeboat onboard

1. Body, by following:

  • Checking condition of outside of shell
  • Checking condition of inside of shell
  • Checking condition of internal structures
  • Check on of rigid internal buoyancy

2. Checking condition of Lifting Gears

3. Checking condition of Fall Preventive Device (FPD)

4. Releasing Unit, Checked the condition of operating unit and Applying lubricating oil

5. Rudder, by following:

  • Checking condition of rudder plate
  • Pintle pines and gudgeon intact. Fastening bolts and nuts tight. No formation of rust and corrosion.
  • Emergency tiller for rudder available and can be used for immediate operation of rudder

6. Propelling Gears, Checking condition of propeller blade and bearings and Applied grease to the bearings.

7. Main Engine, by following:

  • Checking condition of main engine
  • Checking condition of cooling seawater pipe
  • Checking condition of pump with accessories
  • Checking lubricating oil and fuel oil. Ensure fuel in the tank full as per maker requirement or not less than 95%.
  • To apply lubricating oil for all gears

8. Fire Extinguisher, Checking condition and capacity and refill date

9. Bottom plug, Checking condition & quantity

10. Bilge Pump, Checking condition of operating

11. Battery, Checking condition & gravity of electrolyte

12. Light, Checking & testing of search & room light

13. Air support system, by following:

  • Checking condition as per instruction (If fitted). Check for leakage at the valve, bottle connection, regulator, supply line and gauges.
  • Hydrostatic test air bottles 5-yearly last done (or as per makers specified interval)

14. Water Spray System, Checking condition as per instruction (If fitted).

15. Marking, Number of person for which the lifeboat is approved. Paint marking not faded. Retro reflective marking shall be clearly visible, intact and no sign of ageing or fading

16. Marking (each side), The name and port of registry of ship shall be marked at the forward hull of the Lifeboat

17. Marking (Top of boat), Identification of ship and number of lifeboat

18. Boat Davits, by following:

  • Applying lubricating oil to all gears
  • Checking & inspecting for all gears
  • Checking condition of davits
  • Fixed fender rubber surface intact and condition observed to be good. Deformation or dent on the fender to be reported and repaired.

19. Ladder, Checking condition of the Embarkation Ladder and Checking condition of connection of ladder.

20. Limit switches, Checking condition & tested for function. Clean away paints, rust and excessive grease from the limit switch.

21. Boat Falls, by following:

  • Checking condition of boat falls and remote wires. Handle grabs for remote operation not wasted. Shackles cleaned away from rust and correctly fitted. 
  • Checking & inspecting the condition of winch gears
  • Confirm the date of turned over the boat falls
  • Confirm the date of renewal of boat falls

22. Boat Winches, Testing & checking running condition of boat winches and also Checking condition of boat winches.

23. Winch Motor, Applying lubricating oil to all winch motor gears and Testing & checking running condition of winch motor.

24. Illumination, Testing illumination for embarkation / disembarkation

25. Instruction, Checking the condition of operating instruction

Lifeboat Equipments List

Below are lifeboat equipments list on board as per SOLAS Regulation:

  1. Buoyant oar and thole pins, or crutches with lanyard or chain (1 set)
  2. Boat hook 1 pc
  3. Buoyant bailer 1 pc
  4. Bucket 2 pcs
  5. Survival Manual ( refer to instructions adopted by IMO A.657 (16) 1 set
  6. Operation Compass (Fitted at Steering position with illumination) 1 set
  7. Sea Anchor of adequate size fitted with a shock resistance hawser 1 set
  8. Efficient Painters - One painter to be attached to release device in FWD for immediate use.The other painter to be firmly secured at or near the bow ready for use. 2 set
  9. Hatchets (one at each end of the lifeboat) 2 pcs
  10. Water containing in the watertight receptacles. (3 liters of fresh water for each person)
  11. Rustproof dipper with lanyard 1 pc
  12. Rustproof graduated drinking vessel 1 pc
  13. Food ration totaling not less than 10,000 KJ for each person 1 set
  14. Rocket parachute flares 4 pcs
  15. Hand flares 6 pcs 
  16. Buoyant smoke signals 2 pcs
  17. Waterproof electric torch with spare batteries and spare bulb 1 set
  18. Copy of the life-saving signals table on a waterproof card or containers 
  19. Daylight signaling mirror with instruction
  20. Whistle or equivalent sound signal
  21. First-aid outfit in a waterproof case capable of being closed after use 1 set
  22. Anti-seasickness medicine for 48 hours with seasickness bag (every person)
  23. Jack-knife, to be kept attached to the boat by lanyard
  24. Tin-opener 3 pcs
  25. Buoyant Rescue Quoits, attached to more than 30m of buoyant line (2 set)
  26. Manual pump suitable for effective bailing (1 set)
  27. Fishing tackle (1 set)
  28. Tools for minor adjustment for engine and its accessories (1 set)
  29. Portable Fire Extinguisher 
  30. Searchlight
  31. Radar Reflector, unless Radar Transporter is stowed in the lifeboat
  32. Thermal protective aids for 10% of the number of person.

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