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35 Pertanyaan Interview Pelaut dalam Bahasa Inggris tentang ISPS Code

Daftar pertanyaan interview pelaut dalam bahasa inggris yang berhubungan dengan keamanan pelaut di atas kapal atau yang lebih dikenal sebagai ISPS Code.

pertanyaan interview pelaut bahasa inggris tentang isps code
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Pertanyaan Interview Pelaut

1. What is the stand for ISPS Code ?

Jawab : ISPS is international ship and port facility security.

2. How many security levels area ?

Jawab : There are 3 security level is security level 1, security level 2 and security level 3.

3. Who is ship security officer on your ship ?

Jawab : ship security officer on my ship is Chief officer

4. Who is your company security officer ?

Jawab : my company DPA is .... 

5. Who is your company designated person ashore (DPA) ?

Jawab : my company DPA is ....

6. Who is alternate CSO and DPA in your company ?

Jawab : our company alternate CSO and DPA is .... 

7. Do you know emergency contact number of your company CSO and DPA ?

Jawab : yes, i know. I can see from sign posted on the bridge and in the messroom

8. What is your ship security level in kakinada port ?

Jawab : Our ship security level in kakinada port is security level 2

9. Why your ship put security level 2 ?

Jawab : because port facility security officer in kakinada put security level 2 so the ship must be followed

10. How about if there is any different security level between ship and port ?

Jawab : If there is any different security level between ship and port master / SSO must issued DOS (Declaration of Security)

11. Which one more important between safety and security ?

Jawab : Both of them are very important but safety more is covered security already, means if we kept safety, security is covered but if we only kept security safety sometimes not covered, but both of them important.

12. Can you explain what is the meaning of security level 1, level 2 and level 3 ?

Jawab :

Secirity level 1 : Normal Condition. The level for which minimum approriate protective sevurity measures shall be maintained at all times (Green Code).

Security level 2 : the level for which approriate additional protective security measures shall be maintained for a period af time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident (yellow code)

Security level 3 : the level for which further specific protective security measures shall be maintained for a limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to identify the specific target.

13. What you should do in security level 1, level 2 and level 3 ?

Jawab :

At security level 1 :

  1. Ensure the performance of all ship security duties
  2. Controlling access to the ship
  3. Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects
  4. Monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorized persons have access
  5. Monitoring of deck areas and areas to ensure surrounding the ship
  6. Supervising the handling of cargo and ship store
  7. Ensuring that security communications are readily avaolable
At security level 2 : The additional protective measures, spesified in the ship security plan, shall be implemented.

At security level 3 : further spesific protective measures, spesified in the ship security plan, shall be implemented.

14. What happens if the security alert system is activated ?

Jawab : if the security alert system is activated, entire crew member must proced to the bridge and wait further instructions from master or SSO for their each duties.

15. What are the vessel restricted area means ?

Jawab : restricted area means area that only authorize personnel only to enter, unauthorized persons not allowed to enter.

16. How many restricted area on your vessel ?

Jawab : 12 restricted areas :

  1. Bridge
  2. Engine room
  3. Bow thruster room
  4. Emergency batteries location
  5. Emergency generator room
  6. Fore peak store
  7. CO2 room
  8. AC room
  9. Fire fighting store
  10. Dangerous chemical store
  11. Paint store
  12. Oxygent / acetylene room
17. What is SSP ?

Jawab : SSP is Ship Security Plan

18. Do your ship has SSP ?

Jawab : Yes, my vessel has SSP

19. Who is the one kept the SSP ?

Jawab : The one kept the SSP is SSO

20. What is the access to abroad the vessel ?

Jawab : access ladder, access gangways, access ramps, access doors, side scuttles, windows and ports, mooring lines and anchor chains, crane and hoosting gear.

21. How do you monitor the security of the ship when alongside in port ?

Jawab : gangway manned, visitor checked, access area controlled, monitoring of decks and surrounding areas, check stores and personnel effects, check cargo manifest, good communication with duty offiver on this the bridge.

22. How do you monitor the security of the ship when under way ? 

Jawab : watch the RADAR, use binocular to see small object, use search light if there is small object move close the ship, regular security patrol around the ship

23. How do you monitor the security of the ship when at anchore ?

Jawab :regular security patrol, locked all security access, vlose the anvhore chain hole, watvh the RADAR, inform duty officer/SSO/Master if there is small boat or unsuspios object come close to the ship, port authority radio stand by channel kept maintained

24. Does your ship has security certificates ?

Jawab : yes, the ship has security certificate

25. How often the ship carried security drill ?

Jawab : at least twice (2) a month or according to company security drill planned

26. Who is crew attend yhe security drill ?

Jawab : all crew must be participated on security drill

27. Do they have their specific duties ?

Jawab : of course, all crew have specific duties as per security duties table issued by SSO that approved by CSO

28. If you see unidentified object on your ship, what will you going yo do ?

Jawab : i will immediately inform to duty officer/SSO/master.

29. If the pirates already on board on your ship, what will you going to do ?

Jawab : i will not fight them just follow what they want and give what the need. So that the better way to make safe all crew. So thats the better way is try to avoid pirate come on board rather than they have on board alredy. If the pirate boat comes close i will sound alarm and inform to duty officer/SSO/master

30. If your mabaging director, survey, client, or other big boss come to your ship, should you check also ?

Jawab : yes, i dont care who they are but security check must comply. This is rules

31. If you see Bomb/Grenade/weapons what you gonna do ?

Jawab : i will not touch, just use mu eyes and ears to identified than as soon as possible inform to SSO/Master/Duty Officer, so they can call shore bomb squad.

32. What kind security equipment provide on your ship ?

Jawab : RADAR, binocular, VHF radio, Inmarsat C communication, AIS,SSAS, metal detector, lighting, Dog leg mirror, whistle, crew's ID, visitor ID's and walkie talkie.

33. Once you find stowaway on board, what you will do ?

Jawab : Raise alarm and bring him to SSO, master and duty officer

34. Who is the person authorized to approved your ship SSP ?

Jawab : surveyor from class

35. When the ISPS first time become mandatory ?

Jawab : the ISPS first time becaome mandatory in 01 july 2004

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